Minutes 8th TAB Internal Con-call 8th January 2010. Approved 22nd January 2010

1. Intro/roll

TAB Internal: Martin, Mary, Jacques, Patrick

Staff: Scott, Harry

2. Agenda:

Change from posted agenda, skip admin (minutes and AIS) and go to the two main topics.

3. Schema File Locations

Mary posted an email requesting advice: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab-internal/email/archives/201001/msg00001.html

Once approved you can't change anything, including filenames, versions, etc. Some schemas are in multiple files, with absolute paths, with version specific file names. What is the best practice for dealing with this?

Mary requested:

1) to tell her any immediate recommendations and suggestions

2) to followup 1) for longer TAB Internal to write up best practice for this. All we have at the moment is that schema files must be valid and well formed, but we say nothing about how to effectively organize multiple files and versioning.

Martin: My only immediate reaction is to use namespaces more effectively. Jacques: another issue is inline schema and external

5. Mojave update and Q/A session with Harry and Scott

a home page design b demo c q&a

web meeting for Harry's part: https://webmeeting.dimdim.com/portal/JoinForm.action?confKey=akubot

Presentation at: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab-internal/email/archives/201001/msg00012.html

New design of TC pages. Dashboard approach similar to igoogle

Scott: core infrastructure first. Membership (company, employees), tc members and role assignment (primary rep, observer, member etc). The rest hangs off these core control mechanisms and will therefore be the first functionality to be delivered.

Jacques: what is the relationship between the links on the left and the widgets? Harry: not all links have widgets. Clicking the left hand links takes you to that page, clicking the widget places the info in the expanded area, so you don't change pages unnecessarily.

A goal could be added for all the links to have widgets and let each user choose which ones are displayed. A longer term goal would be to let users define their own widgets.

b. Demo

Ignore layout and colours; themeing work will happen later.

The coding behind the aspects demoed is bigger than expected, so will have to re-look at the schedule. However the new design is far superior. For example when you request to join a TC you will be an automatic observer until the primary rep approves participation, then automatically be changed to a member with no explicit leaving and re-joining required.

Jacques: what is the role of the TAB here

Harry: validating pages, fields, work flows etc

We need to better understand what is required from TAB members for Q&A and plan accordingly.

Thanks to Harry and Scott for preparing the update and the demo.

6. AOB

Next meeting in two weeks

Summary of Existing and New Action Items

ACTION-20091211-1: Martin to invite Harry to the next meeting. ACTION-20091211-2: Patrick to prepare a wiki page for citation check list/best practice.

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