Minutes of Con Call 9th July 2010. Approved at F2F meeting July 28 2010

1. Intro

Roll: Martin, Patrick, Mary Regrets: Jacques

Agenda: Mary wants to add a new item, otherwise approved

2. Minutes

Minutes 25th June 2010:


Approved w/o Agreed to post to TAB wiki

3. Actions

Action-20100430-0: Martin to investigate the current SCA test report template. Still chasing

Action-20100611-0: Jacques to update the wiki to capture the discussion on interop and portability. Done

4. Mary's item

TAB is getting smaller, so rotating PR reviews is going to be harder. Might need volunteers to help. Discuss at F2F.

5. F2f Agenda


Martin reviews draft f2f agenda.

Assuming new process gets approved we might want to prepare some material/guidelines on the new process. Discuss under plans for 2010/11.

Add topic about Public review rotations.

6 Standards Dependency and Citations update

Still in progress. Being proof read. Patrick will have it ready for review at the F2F, and should have screen shots for the Board meeting.

Need to discuss what to do with resulting topic map - external hosting for example.

6. Interop/portability testing

No Jacques so skip this item

7. Mojave/It update

Status should be know at the F2F

8. AOB

Patrick to review DITA v1.2. Mary notes the html file has a lot of repetition which may not be in the pdf. The html is authoritative.

Meeting on 23rd July cancelled

Meeting adjourned

Summary of New and Outstanding Action Items:

Action-20100430-0: Martin to investigate the current SCA test report template.

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