Minutes of Conference Call on 5th March 2010. Approved at meeting on 19th March 2010.

1. Intro

Roll: Martin, Mary, Patrick, Jacques, Robin (guest)

Agenda: Add item about TAB/Mojave liaison. Approved as amended.

2. Minutes

18th February 2010: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab-internal/email/archives/201002/msg00022.html

Approved w/o

Agreed to post to wiki.

3. Action Items

ACTION-20091211-2: Patrick to prepare a wiki page for citation check list/best practice. ongoing

ACTION 20100205-2: Martin to request information from Mojave team on the testing environment (nightly builds, regression testing etc) Done.

ACTION 20100205-3: Jacques to post current draft of Interop and conformance policy to TAB wiki. Done.

ACTION 20100218-0: Martin to request an email distribution list is setup and to request followup on last week's requests. Done.

4. TAB Mojave liaison

Patrick appointed TAB liaison to Mojave team.

5. Standards Dependency update

Slow progress from Patrick since time being spent on mojave.

6. Interop Policy Update

Jacques has posted to the wiki http://wiki.oasis-open.org/tab/TestingPolicy

This is only a draft and needs completing, so not ready for formal review, but comments welcome.

7. Conformance Definition issue from Jacques

Jacques raised issue on the mailing list resulting from a TC concern. Might need to clarify and update the conformance guidelines, and have more examples

8. Mojave Update

Jacques sent an email with initial "bucketization" of use cases. This a first pass and has some to go. These are roughly aligned with the component classification in jira.

Prep for today's mojave meeting

Need to clarify the expectations on requirements. Can only give a date for delivering a document once we know what is there. There is also a process issue of how a doc is developed to include existing material, and stakeholder buy in. Will be iterative, but definitely need to involve stakeholders. Robin can help harvest requirements from non-JIRA sources. Might need to pull in experts to help in various areas Need to establish clear lines of who is doing what so as not to duplicate effort

Important to understand the technical and process aspects.

9. AOB

Meeting adjourned.

Summary of outstanding and new Action Items:

ACTION-20091211-2: Patrick to prepare a wiki page for citation check list/best practice.

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