TAB Member Comments on Public Review Drafts

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Members of the TAB (Technical Advisory Board) endeavor to review all OASIS TC work products on their first thirty-day public review. Comments are by individual members of the TAB and do not reflect a formal TAB position.

All work products would benefit from more review at all stages of the OASIS TC process but limitation of resources has restricted TAB reviews to the first thirty-day review of OASIS work products. The TAB encourages your participation in all stages of the OASIS TC process to fill out other review opportunities.

TAB member comments are extracted from JIRA and saved in .xsl format for the convience of OASIS members and members of the public following OASIS work.

TAB member comments are listed by TC name, followed by the closing date for the public review. Where more than one specification or part was under review for a TC with a common closing date for public review, comments are combined into a single file.

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