Thirty Second Guide to Searching OASIS Email Archives (Approved)

From time to time, we all have the need the dig into the OASIS email archives to hunt for an email. A list of publicly searchable OASIS email archives can be found at:

The quickest way to search a TC's archive is not from the internal TC Member page’s email tab, but by using the search field located at:

For example, go to to search the ebXML Messaging TC email archive.

The OASIS email search function is a front end onto MarkMail, so another way to do the same search is to go to

For example, “public review list:org.oasis-open.lists.ebxml-msg" searches the ebXML Messaging TC email archive for all emails about public review.

Markmail syntax help can be found at:

More details for searching the OASIS site can be found at:

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