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Test Assertions Guidelines Wiki

This is the collaboration wiki for the OASIS Test Assertions Guidelines (TAG) TC. Our formal documents, including the group's charter, are accessible from our home page.


Jacques Durand (Fujitsu) - co-chair

Patrick Curran (Oracle Corporation) - co-chair

Serm Kulvatunyou (Oracle Corporation)

Hyunbo Cho (Pohang University)

Kevin Looney (Oracle Corporation)

Paul Rank (Oracle Corporation)

Victor Rudometov (Oracle Corporation)

Stephen Green (Document Engineering Services)

Lynne Rosenthal (NIST)

Youngkon Lee (Korea TAG forum)

Dong-Hoon Lim (KIEC)

Dmitry Kostovarov (Oracle Corporation)

Dennis Hamilton (individual)

[ ] ( )

References (documents that discuss the theory & practice of test assertions)

Specification Material (basis for TAs)

Prior art (examples of test assertions)

Anatomy of a Test Assertion


Documents (works in progress)

Comments from Review

Test Assertion Markup Language (XML)


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