NFV & SDN WG - Links of Interest

The TOSCA TC’s NFV & SDN ad hoc workgroup, recently empowered to consider SDN, as well, is planning to update TOSCA NFV models based on latest ETSI NFV IFA specifications. In order to do this, we are working closely with the ETSI NFV standards organization and related NFV communities. For example, the open source OpenStack Tacker (NFV Orchestration) project is working to use actual TOSCA Service Templates as input to deploy virtual Network Routers, Switches and Multi-Function devices.

Below are some links of interest regarding the work of this ad-hoc:

SPEC. DRAFT: TOSCA Simple Profile for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Version 1.0, Working Draft 03, Revision 01; 29 July, 2016:

PROPOSAL: Proposed new VDU node type (draft); 18 July 2016:

PROPOSAL: VNFD_IE_to_TOSCA_Types.docx; 15 July 2016:

PROPOSAL: ConnectionPoint change proposal; 15 July 2016:

PROPOSAL: NSD mapping MAN001-IFA014; 10 July 2016:

PROPOSAL: VNFD mapping MAN001-IFA011; 10 July 2016:

SPEC. PLAN: tosca-nfv-profile plan proposal; 8 June 2016:

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