Academic Papers on TOSCA

No doubt an incomplete list. The items are posted by Technical Committee members as discovered. No endorsement implied.

“Dynamic Deployment of Scientific Workflows in the Cloud using Container Virtualization” :

“Finding available services in TOSCA-compliant clouds” :

“Model-driven continuous deployment for quality DevOps:

"OpenTOSCA for IoT: Automating the Deployment of IoT Applications based on the Mosquitto Message Broker" :

“Orchestrating incomplete TOSCA applications with Docker” :

“Portable Cloud Services Using TOSCA” :

"Running Simulations in HPC and Cloud Resources by Implementing Enhanced TOSCA Workflows":

SeaClouds: An Open Reference Architecture for Multi-cloud Governance” :

“Sommelier: A Tool for Validating TOSCA Application Topologies” :

“TOSCA in a nutshell: Promises and Perspectives” :

“TOSCA Solves Big Problems in the Cloud and Beyond” :

ToscaMart: A method for adapting and reusing cloud applications” :

TosKer: A synergy between TOSCA and Docker for orchestrating multi-component applications” :

“Towards a model-driven design tool for big data architectures” :

“Towards Automated Workflow Deployment in the Cloud Using TOSCA” :

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