Academic Papers on TOSCA

Below is a list of academic research papers that discuss various aspects of TOSCA and how it is used.

“Dynamic Deployment of Scientific Workflows in the Cloud using Container Virtualization” :

“Finding available services in TOSCA-compliant clouds” :

“Model-driven continuous deployment for quality DevOps:

"OpenTOSCA for IoT: Automating the Deployment of IoT Applications based on the Mosquitto Message Broker" :

“Orchestrating incomplete TOSCA applications with Docker” :

“Portable Cloud Services Using TOSCA” :

"Running Simulations in HPC and Cloud Resources by Implementing Enhanced TOSCA Workflows":

SeaClouds: An Open Reference Architecture for Multi-cloud Governance” :

“Sommelier: A Tool for Validating TOSCA Application Topologies” :

“TOSCA in a nutshell: Promises and Perspectives” :

“TOSCA Solves Big Problems in the Cloud and Beyond” :

ToscaMart: A method for adapting and reusing cloud applications” :

TosKer: A synergy between TOSCA and Docker for orchestrating multi-component applications” :

“Towards a model-driven design tool for big data architectures” :

“Towards Automated Workflow Deployment in the Cloud Using TOSCA” :

NEW! Blog Posts and General Articles on TOSCA

Below is a list of recent blog posts about various aspects of TOSCA

"TOSCA vs. YANG" :

"Realizing the Full Power of TOSCA through Abstraction" :

"TOSCA as the Ideal Intent NBI" :

"TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML" :

"OPNFV Functional Testing, TOSCA Orchestration, and vIMSUseCases" :

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