The following items have been proposed as extensions

  1. [Passed 2009-09-23] Supported_Extensions_Declaration

  2. [Tabled: Passed 'Basic Requirements' on 2009-10-08] Cookie_Distribution_Declaration

  3. Cooperative client-side Consumer/Portlet programming (in particular for AJAX) - proposal

  4. [Failed vote on 2009-11-22] Rewritable_Resource_URLs

  5. [old] Rewritable_Proxied_Resource_URLs

  6. [old] Rewritable URLs – URL_Manipulation_(Composable_and/or_Rewritable)

  7. [Discussed 2010-06-03: Passed interest vote on 2009-01-14] Ampersand_Encoding_Declaration

  8. [Discussed 2010-06-03: Passed interest vote on 2009-01-14] Return of Status on a Get Resource Operation

  9. Client-side model
  10. [Tabled] Client request vs. consumer request tracking (XHR)
  11. [Tabled] Multi-Section_Markup

    1. Define how a portlet can impact the head section of a page (e.g. the contents of the HTML head element) - proposal

  12. [Tabled] Event urlTypes

  13. [Tabled] REST access:
    1. WSRP operations

    2. Consumer functionality
  14. [Tabled] Exporting Registration properties (opaque vs transparent, extend modifyRegistration vs new operation, etc)
  15. [Tabled] Template optimization
    1. Current mode and state {params}
    2. How not to resend templates when security changes
  16. [Tabled] Customer context
  17. Define additional CSS classes and a mechanism for carrying what optional sets of CSS a Consumer supports.

  18. [Tabled] WSRP v2 only allows sharing one part of normal portlet transient state (i.e. navigational state), why isn't there a means to share session state as well. (see Session_Property_extension - #4 was last preferred approach)

  19. [Tabled] Method=get forms using a render URL requires resuppling the form until the Portlet can update navState
  20. [Tabled] Consumer resources (referencable items and services)
  21. [Tabled] Popup windows
  22. [Tabled] Generating URLs to other Portlets
  23. [Tabled] Leveraging WSRF/WSN/WS-Context
  24. [Tabled] Exposing composites rather than just Portlets
  25. [Tabled] Cache Invalidation
  26. [Tabled] Consumer managed portlet hierarchies
  27. [Tabled] Metadata change notification (indicating the version of a ServiceDescription or a PortletDescription)

  28. [Tabled] How to carry changes to the set of events / shared parameters a Portlet can handle/produce?
  29. [Tabled] Redirecting to other Consumer "pages".
  30. [Tabled] A means by which to acquire the user's login name (as known by the Consumer)
  31. [Tabled] Bulk getMarkup operation
  32. [Tabled] Deep links into a Producer hosted application with a sharing of contextual items such as the portlet session.
  33. [Tabled] The spec provides no guidance on how resources fetched with getResource can leverage standard web-based caching
    & WSRP protocol does not reflect the full set of http caching headers.

  34. [Tabled] Session Properties

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