1. What is WSRP and why is v2 important?

  2. How do I write a WSRP portlet?

  3. Who supports WSRP?

  4. Can my existing web-app be a WSRP portlet
  5. Why doesn't my existing (local) portlet work in WSRP?
  6. How do you share User Profiles across producer and consumer domains.
  7. How do we get resources (images, css, javascript, objects,....)
    1. 2.0 adds portlet state
  8. What are the nuances with IPC on Producer and Consumer?
    1. What's the difference between Shared Parameters and Events?
  9. What common infrastructures/architectures for WSRP?
    1. firewalls/dmz
    2. load balancers
    3. corporate vs. department
  10. Is AJAX supported?
  11. How do I migrate a Remote Portlets from staging to production?
  12. What are the best practices on Session handling (Each remote producer portlet can have it's own session?)
  13. How do we manage Session Timeouts between producer and consumer?
  14. What is the performance impact of using WSRP?
  15. Can remote and local portlets cooperate?
  16. How to share data between consumer/producer
  17. How to share data between portlets and resources
  18. Security
    1. Is WSRP safe?
    2. Single Sign On/Identity Propagation
    3. SSL/HTTPS
    4. WS-Security
    5. WS-Policy
  19. How do I write markup into the <head> section

  20. How do you handle WSRP dynamically generated images from a Producer?
  21. Does WSRP have REST API?

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