XSPA Profile of XACML v2.0 for Healthcare Version 1.0

Committee Specification 01

Committee Specification 01 was approved by the XACML TC on 27 Aug 2009.

Committee Specification Document Set uploaded by Hal Lockhart on 11 Sep 2009.

Committee Specification Authoritative .doc uploaded by Duane DeCouteau on 11 Sep 2009.

XSPA Ballot for Submission as Oasis Standard Vote 10 Sep 2009.

Committee Draft 04

Reaffirmed as Committee Draft 16 Jul 2009

Promoted to Committe Draft 9 Oct 2008

Revision includes corrections for typos identified during internal TC member review of final draft.

Committee Draft 03

Revision includes changes agreed upon at the XSPA TC meeting on 10 Jul 2009.

Committee Draft 02

Updated version to include comment regarding use of confidentiality-code when controlling access to sensitive patient clinical data on 4 Jun 2009.

Corrected comments from initial public review 19 May 2009.

Updated version of initial public review including modifications from comments 7 May 2009

Committee Draft 01

Promoted to Committe Draft 9 Oct 2008

Public Review Draft.

Working Draft 01

Draft 01 was uploaded by Duane DeCouteau on 3 Oct 2008.

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