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Welcome to the OASIS XDI TC Technical Committee Wiki. XDI is a format and protocol for semantic data interchange -- a way different systems, applications, and databases can describe, map, exchange, link, synchronize, and protect data using a shared semantic graph model. XDI uses a globally addressable contextual graph model based on the RDF graph model defined by the W3C Semantic Web activity.

The XDI TC is currently in the process of drafting the XDI 1.0 suite of specifications. This wiki is a tool to help use share information, develop proposals, and document examples. We try our best to keep it current and navigation-friendly for newcomers to XDI, however since it is a working wiki, you will almost certainly find pages or examples that are not fully current with draft specifications.

Pages recently added or significantly updated: LinkContractBranches, SemanticFiltering, GroupMessaging, CoreSpecRevisions, JsonXdiMapping.

XDI TC Wiki Quickstart Guide

Recommended Starting Pages

The XDI Graph Model - contains links to introductory materials explaining XDI and the XDI graph model

XDI Design Goals - The ten major design goals for the XDI graph model and semantic data interchange protocol

XDI ABNF - formal ABNF rules defining the XDI graph model

XDI Serialization Formats - the JSON serialization formats (and 2 text display formats) for XDI

XDI Messages - the basic patterns for XDI messaging

XDI Dictionaries - the basic patterns for XDI dictionary definitions

XDI Signatures - the pattern for digitally signing or encrypting an XDI graph, including an XDI message

XDI Link Contracts - how XDI does portable semantic authorization

XDI Policy Expression - how XDI does semantic policy expression

XDI Discovery - how XDI does P2P discovery of XDI endpoint URIs

Reference Pages

Glossary - terminology used throughout the XDI 1.0 specifications

XDI Symbol Table - summary of the symbols used in XDI syntax

XdiDollarDictionary - a list of all proposed entries for the XDI $ dictionary

Informative Pages

Informative (NOT part of XDI 1.0 specs)

TC Process Pages

Weekly Meeting - instructions for our weekly webmeeting

XDI 1.0 Specs List - a list of the proposed XDI 1.0 specifications

Spec Drafting - instructions for XDI spec editors

New Pages - instructions about adding a new page to the wiki

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Archived Pages

Pages whose content is no longer current but are retained for archive purposes

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