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This page is a list of the proposed revisions to the next draft of XDI Core 1.0.

Current Stage

XDI Core 1.0 is currently at Committee Specification Draft 01. The following revisions are for Committee Specification Draft 02.


Section 4.2: Add "Any" Entity

Add support for a new entity type that is a superset of all other entity types. See the notes from the 2016-12-06 telecon on "Adding a Fifth Instance Type".

Section 10: Variables

  1. Add a new section on $digit variables based on these notes from the 2015-11-16 TC telecon.

  2. Discuss whether variable assignment statements should be defined in XDI Core or XDI Messaging.
  3. POTENTIAL ADDITION: Relational variables as discussed on the 2016-03-21 TC telecon.

Section 12: Serialization

Change from current XDI quad format to JXD format.

Section 13.2.2: Relative Identifiers at the Root Level

We need to reconsider whether relative identifiers should be allowed at the root level. The only issue we identified on the XDI TC telecon on 2018-05-31 was that such graph branches would not be portable.

Section 13.6: Add an XDI Scheme for DIDs

In the past year, DIDs (decentralized identifiers) have emerged as a dereference-able alternative to UUIDs. See DID Data Model and Generic Syntax Implementer’s Draft 01.


Historical Note

Add a historical note in the Introduction about the term "XRI" in the name of the Technical Committee.

Opening Quotes

Add the opening quotes we agreed to for the spec.

Terminology Revisions

The spec currently uses the terms XDI client and XDI endpoint. The TC has discussed migrating to the more general term XDI agent and then simply qualifying the situation when an XDI agent has an endpoint (i.e., can act as a server) vs. just a client.

Fix Line 1987

Current text: "Note: an XDI thing is not the same as an owl:Thing, which is the root class of all classes in OWL."

This is incorrect. owl:Thing is NOT the "root class of all classes". That would be owl:Class. Instead, owl:Thing is the class of all things (resources).

Fix Typo in Example in $is Equivalence Section

Drummond found a typo: the string !* should be `*!'.

Fix Typo in Section 1.1

Kapil found the following error in point #2:

Current text: "Addressability: It also imposes the constraint that the XDI identifier of every XDI contextual arc must be unique it the scope of its parent node."

New text: "Addressability: It also imposes the constraint that the XDI identifier of every XDI contextual arc must be unique in the scope of its parent node."

Change Heading 4.2.1 to "Person"

It currently reads "Personal".

Add cross-reference in Section 4.2.2

This section should have a reference to section 10.4 where the $has relation is defined because $has relations are required to define group membership.

Fix Error in Example in Section 4.2.4

In an email on 2016-01-27, Kapil noted that leading forward slashes are missing for each of the $ref statements in the example.

Fix Error in Examples in section 1.2, 12.4.1, and 12.4.2

Examples have attributes like the following:

   "[<#email>]<!0>": {             
      "&": "alice@example.com"         

The <!0> is invalid syntax, it should be either:

Fix Typo in Section 8


Fix Error: Section

This section should not be fourth level - it should follow what is currently section 10.1.5.

Fix Error: Section Should be Section 13.1.2

The nesting of section headers is incorrect here.

Fix Error: Section Table

Example #8 in the table should be <$uri>&, not $uri&.

Fix Typo in Section 13.1.2

Fix the word "determines" in "In this process it may also determines their consensus about the authority for a particular branch of the XDI semantic tree."

Fix Type in Section 13.2

Extra final period.

Fix Typo in Section 13.6

"xalled XDI schemes".

Update Table of XDI 1.0 Specifications

It should match the revisions the TC has made to https://wiki.oasis-open.org/xdi/XdiOneSpecs.

We also need to update all references within the XDI Core 1.0 spec to these revised specifications (e.g., references to XDI Connections need to be changed to XDI Messaging).

Formatting Fixes


Tables are not currently showing up with borders, and with text centered in cells where needed.

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