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How to Add a New Page to this Wiki

  1. Go to the FrontPage in another tab (so you can still see these directions).

  2. Click the Edit menu for the front page (you must be logged in).
  3. Add the name of the page, in CamelCase (or as shown in the Links example in the help text at the bottom of the Edit page), to the end of the line that starts with Pages recently added or significantly updated:.

  4. Preview your edit to make sure the name of the page shows up as a link.
  5. Save the FrontPage.

  6. Click the link to the new page to start editing that page.
  7. Choose New Blank Page.
  8. Edit your new page, preview it, and save it.
  9. IMPORTANT: If you are adding a Proposal page, be sure to follow the instructions on Proposal Drafting page.

  10. In general, at the very bottom of the page add a line containing 4 dashes and following that line the CamelCase page names of the appropriate categories. Example:

CategoryProposal  CategoryGraphModel CategoryCurrent


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