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This page is a roster of the proposed specifications in the XDI 1.0 suite. Each spec listed here has link to either: a) a browser-viewable copy of the Docbook XML file, or b) the XDI TC wiki pages that form the basis for the spec. Note that the authoritative Docbook XML files are always stored at the OASIS Kavi repository, but are not directly viewable in the browser without attached stylesheets, so the links here are to a copy of the Docbook XML file at XDI.org that has the stylesheets attached. Work-in-progress Docbook XML files are in the XDI TC's Github repository.

XDI Spec Development Process

In June 2013, after consultation with Chet Ensign and Paul Knight of OASIS, the XDI TC decided to begin advancing individual specifications in the planned XDI 1.0 spec suite to at least the Committee Specification level rather than try to structure them as parts of a multi-part work product. Once enough of the individual specs are sufficiently mature, the TC then plans to combine them into a multi-part work product, XDI 1.0, that would then be submitted for an OASIS Standard vote. See also the Document Production Guidelines as an aid to the editors.

Required Specs

The following specifications are required for the XDI V1.0 suite.

XDI Core V1.0

XDI Messaging V1.0

XDI Bindings V1.0

XDI Cryptography V1.0

XDI Discovery V1.0

XDI Security Mechanisms V1.0

XDI Privacy Mechanisms V1.0

Optional Specs

The following specs may or may not be included in the XDI V1.0 suite depending on: a) what is included in the required specs, and b) demand.

XDI Conformance Profiles V1.0

This spec will be required IF the other required specs do no include their own conformance requirements.

XDI Dictionary V1.0

CategoryDictionary Defines the rules for XDI dictionary definitions, including:

  1. XDI keywords for dictionary definitions (e.g., $n for cardinality, $label for labels, $keyword for keyword searching, etc.)

  2. Universal metadata (e.g., $t for timestamps, $v for versioning, etc.)

  3. The XDI type dictionary (e.g., $mime, $xsd, $json, and their subtypes).

XDI Queries V1.0

CategoryQueries Defines a simple XDI query language.

XDI Versioning V1.0

Defines the semantics for standardized versioning of any XDI graph or subgraph using the $v versioning context.

Deprecated Specs

The following specifications have been integrated into newer specifications above.

XDI Policy V1.0

XDI Connections V1.0

XDI Push V1.0

XDI-Enabling the XDI 1.0 Specs

On the 2012-02-01 XDI TC telecon, it was proposed that the XDI 1.0 specs include persistent XDI addresses for:

  1. The specification suite as a whole.
  2. Each component specification.
  3. Each normative rule within each component specification.

This form of dogfooding will make all normative XDI spec rules XDI-addressable and also provide a direct demonstration of how XDI can be used.


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