THIS PAGE HAS BEEN SUPERCEDED BY THE XdiGraphModel PAGE. The links below remain for archival purposes.

The XDI RDF Model

The XDI graph model developed in 2006 was originally documented in The XDI RDF Model, a PDF file of which the last version (14) was dated 2010-01-20. This document has since been superceded by a new set of documents available at the XdiGraphModel page.

Example Utilities/Code

A full set of XDI utilities for the XDI RDF graph model based on the XDI For Java Project were originally produced by XDI TC member Markus Sabadello. These utilities include XDI format conversion, messaging, versioning, signatures, queries, and even visual graphing. Although these utilities process an earlier form of the XDI graph model, they are still an excellent illustration of how XDI works.

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