Using Papyrus to Edit UML diagrams

This page describes how to edit the OM UML in Papyrus.

What you need

Setting up the XLIFFOM Project in Papyrus

A note about line termination

Currently the UML files use a Windows-style line termination (\r\n). Importing the project into Papyrus on the Mac (or Linux, presumably) seems to rewrite it to Unix-style line termination, which will mark the whole file as dirty in git. There are various methods that should be helpful for managing this (Papyrus project settings, git core.autocrlf setting, etc), but I haven't had luck in getting any of them to work. This may make the git history a bit cluttered.

A warning about using git from within Papyrus

You can work with the git repository directly from Papyrus by right-clicking on items in the Project Explorer and using the "Team" submenu. You can also use git in a shell, a GitHub GUI, etc. If you are ever warned by Papyrus that the upstream branch has changed, don't overwrite it -- that means somebody else has been committing changes. You will need to pull them locally and merge them with your changes before you can push your own work.

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