This page is used by the XLIFF Technical Committee to gather takeaways from the second XLIFF Symposium.




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Conference Welcome

Christian Lieske, Knowledge Architect, SAP AG

Takeaways from the First International XLIFF Symposium

Kirill Soloviev, Acronis

XLIFF for Acronis software localization: a case study

Kevin O'Donnell, Microsoft

Adopting XLIFF: The Microsoft Story

Ian O'Keeffe Post Doctoral Research Fellow , Localisation Research Centre, CNGL, University of Limerick

Multimedia Localisation: Cultural Implications for XLIFF

Angelika Zerfass, Shirley Coady, Blandine Loze

Panel Discussion - XLIFF in Real Life: Challenges, Issues and a Wish List

Gergely Vándor, Kilgray Translation Technologies

XLIFF for alignment pairs and segment version history in memoQ

Andrew Pimlott, Welocalize

XLIFF 2.0: Great (Processing) Expectations

Britta Upsing, Steve Dept,

Case study: XLIFF in the translation workflow of the Programme for the International Student Assessment (PISA)

Lucía Morado Vázquez, Jesús Torres del Rey,

Translation suggestions in XLIFF. How much metadata should be included? - ,

Rahzeb Choudhury, Operations Director at TAUS

Building consensus on the future of XLIFF


Panel discussion - XLIFF 2.0 - What do we want? What do we need?

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