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Conference Welcome

Kate Kelly, Jesus Barrera Ramos and Marcus Reid

XLIFF in SharePoint 2013

[KevinOD] Good presentation; mix of demo and slides. Demonstrated how XLIFF can be used to influence business strategy and provided a practical example of the use of the Binary element.

David Filip & Bryan Schnabel

How to Put a Calendar Date on It?

[KevinOD] Announcement of clear deliverable (and date) for XLIFF 2.0 was well received by audience. Having a similar "official TC report" at future symposiums would be beneficial. The was discussion of the core vs. modules design of XLIFF 2.0, but more clarity and detail for future expansion and revision would be useful.

Frank Miller

Using XLIFF as the Backbone of a DITA Translation Process

Aonghus Ó Hairt, Dominic Jones, Leroy Finn, and David Lewis

An Open Localisation Interface to CMS using OASIS Content Management Interoperability Service

Arle Lommel

Localization Quality Markup in ITS 2.0

Asanka Wasala, David Filip, Chris Exton and Reinhard Schäler

Making Data Mining of XLIFF Artefacts Relevant for the Ongoing Development of the XLIFF Standard

[KevinOD] Good presentation, very helpful aggregation and collation of data. Would like to see more centralized publication and revision of this data - perhaps with more frequent refreshes.

Bryan Schnabel

Applied XLIFF

[KevinOD] Helpful to see an implementation/example of how XLIFF and DITA work together. These practical implementation examples are very beneficial - would like to see more similar presentations in the future.

Cameron Dutro

International Infrastructure at Twitter

[KevinOD] Good speaker, but not a lot of relevance to XLIFF; was mostly an overview of how international is managed at Twitter.

Cameron Lerum and Jan Nelson

Translating Metro style apps using XLIFF and the Multilingual App Toolkit

Felix Sasaki

Localization and HTML5: Technical Aspects

Yves Savourel and Fredrik Estreen

Inline Markup in XLIFF 2.0

Helena Chapman

OpenTM2 Overview

Jörg Schütz

RESTful Solutions for Localization Interop-erability Concerns

Kevin O'Donnell and Uwe Stahlschmidt

Driving the XLIFF standard at Microsoft

Klemens Waldhör

Bringing Procedural Knowledge to XLIFF

Klemens Waldhör and Rahzeb Choudhury

TAUS Translation Services API

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