Face to face 2015

Date: Monday 1 June, 2015

Location: Lionbridge office, Berlin

CLS 4-Text GmbH

Spichernstrasse 2

10777 Berlin

Nearest subway station:

Spichernstrasse (U3, U9) or Augsburger Str (U3)

From Maritim Hotel to Spichernstrasse:

Around 20-30 minutes walking distance (3 km). Avoid the shortest path via Urania and Lietzenburger Strasse due to traffic and noise, instead cross the water (Landwehrkanal), take Kluckstrasse, cross Magdeburger Platz, then Genthiner Strasse, Else-Lasker-Schueler-Strasse, Motzstrasse, Nollendorfplatz, again on Motzstrasse, Geisbergstrasse, Spichernstrasse. (Cannot show on Google maps because for them there’s no way to cross Nollendorfplatz as a pedestrian, which is not true at all).

Subway: Take U3 at Nollendorfplatz, direction Krumme Lanke, get out at Augsburger Strasse (2 stops).

You do not really need a rental car in Berlin, public transportation is very dense. You can search for connections here: http://www.bvg.de/de/Fahrinfo

If you have an Android or iOS device, your perfect companion for public transportation is the “Fahrinfo” app – includes maps and live tracking of cars/route planning. Simply enter your destination address, and you get guided.

If you come by car, there are 13 parking garages within a 500 meter radius.




1) ITS Module

1. Overview of gaps (dF)

2. not problematic data cats (Term, TA, lang, etc.)

3. space handling (Yves)

4. slr profile (Fredrik)

5. MT Confidence (dF)

6. Provenance + ctr (Ryan)

2) Advanced validation

1. current schematrons and NVDL (Felix, Soroush)

2. schematrons and NVDL to cover the ITS module (Felix, Soroush)

3) Admin

1. pinpoint the current schedule for 2.1 release (Bryan, Kevin)

2. Report on progress of the ISO submission of XLIFF 2.0 (dF)


Short preparation for the requirements gathering panel on Wednesday June 4 (dF)

Non normative work

1. Committee Note: XLIFF 1.2 vs. XLIFF 2 (Yves)

2. Committee Note: XLIFF 2 TBX mapping (Fredrik, dF)

High level issues

Discuss where to work on:

1. JSON serialization

2. OM - XML independent

Re-charter XLIFF TC? Pros and Cons (dF)

The objection of this is to have if possible a TC position on that prior to the OM panel on Wed June 3

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Please get the dial in information from our private Action Item here:

Additional Information

Checkin procedure . . . TBD

Walk together or TAXI sign-up Please sign up AND contact the respective driver to agree logistics details..


Can take # of passengers



Walk Bryan, David, Uwe, Kevin


lobby 8:30am















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