DITA to XLIFF and Back - Two Complementary Standards

On September 18 and 23, 2008, two complementary standards were presented in an OASIS webinar.

Here are the slides from those webinars.

DITA to XLIFF and Back - The Business Solution

JoAnn Hackos, President of Comtech Services,Inc. and Chair, DITA Translation Subcommittee DITA to XLIFF and Back – Two complementary standards that reduce the costs and risks of translating XML content

Andrzej Zydron, CTO, XML International, Ltd. DITA + XLIFF: the wider picture

Tony Jewtushenko, Director of R&D, Product Innovator, Ltd. and co-chair XLIFF Technical Committee Automating Content Localization: Localization: DITA + XLIFF + CMS

Nick Rosenthal, Managing Director, Salford Translations Ltd How to get the best from your translation vendor

Peter Li, Principal Arbortext Specialist, PTC Implementing a translation management process

DITA to XLIFF and Back (Roundtrip) - Understanding the Technical Solution

Bryan Schnabel, Information Architect, Tektronix and Co-chair XLIFF Technical Committee DITA and XLIFF Technical Definitions

Andrzej Zydron DITA, XLIFF and Translation: Truths, Myths and Misconceptions

Bryan Schnabel DITA/XLIFF Roundtrip Open Source tool

Rodolfo Raya, CTO of Maxprograms, Secretary of XLIFF TC and member of the DITA Translation Subcommittee How to Use XLIFF to Translate DITA Projects

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