(Y29) Enhanced Commenting Support - DONE

Owner: Yves

Importance: Must Have

Category: Specification and Schema

  1. Allow a comment to be associated with specific content inside the source or target of a trans-unit.
  2. Allow a comment to be associated with content that spans across segments and trans-units.
  3. Allow extensible meta-data to be associated with a comment.

State: Done Core/Module: Not determined

David Spec sign-off: YES

Tom Schema sign-off: No

Spec Updated: Yes. Schema Updated: No

Proposed Implementation

Items 1) and 2) can be addressed as follows:

Enhance the annotation mechanism in XLIFF 2.0 to allow a <note> to be associated with specifically marked content in the source and/or target:

Here is an example (pretty-printed for ease of reading):

  <source>First sentence. Interesting sentence. Last sentence.</source>
    <mrk mtype="seg" mid="1">First sentence.</mrk>
    <mrk mtype="seg" mid="2">Interesting sentence.</mrk>
    <mrk mtype="seg" mid="3">Last sentence.</mrk>
    <mrk mtype="seg" mid="1">Första meningen.</mrk>
    <mrk mtype="seg" mid="2">En <mrk mtype="note" nid="note1">underlig</mrk> mening.</mrk>
    <mrk mtype="seg" mid="3">Sista meningen.</mrk>
  <note annotates="mrk" id="note1" from="reviewer">Inappropriate in this context.</note>

A single <note> can reference multiple <mrk> elements. This allows associating a single remark with multiple instances or concepts.

Using this mechansim corresponding source and target content can be associated with the note, which could be particularly useful when commenting on terminology choices. (An <mrk mtype=”note”> with the same nid value can be applied to the <seg-source> content as well as to <target> content.)

The scope of the note can also extend across more than one trans-unit, if <mrk mtype="note"> elements with the same nid are added to multiple trans-units.


Ability to associate additional information with a comment could be used for things like:

Allowing custom attributes on the <note> element would allow such information to be associated with comments.

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