(F35) Length and Size restrictions - DONE [pending normalization discussion]

Owner: Fredrik

Importance: Should Have

Category: Data Model, XML Schema

State: Done Core/Module: module

Impact on Specification: None to Core, works with normal Core Processing Requirements. Module specification need to be added.

Impact on Schema: Additional elements and attributes defined in module. Need to add module elements and attributes to core schema at some points.

David Spec sign-off: YES [but pending normalization discussion]

Tom Schema sign-off: No

Spec Updated: Yes. Schema Updated: Yes

In XLIFF 1.2 there is provision to specify restrictions on size, both physical and logical. The XLIFF 2.0 specification should include support for this feature.

An extensible model for size restrictions should be implemented in XLIFF 2.0. The area of size restrictions is complex and depending on the domain of the native format. Restrictions could be existing in multiple dimensions. Special tools might be needed to check restrictions, such as device emulators or simulation / layout software. A large number of use cases only need basic restrictions such as storage size or number of code points. The implementation of restrictions for XLIFF 2.0 should be done in such a way that a small set of basic restrictions that any tool could support is included in the base framework. Further the framework should allow third parties to add proprietary or non-proprietary sizing information. It should be simple for tools to see what format is used and it should be possible to ignore and preserve unsupported information.

In XLIFF 1.2 there are several attributes defining size restrictions and in most cases only a subset is needed at a time. In the new model fewer but more flexible attributes is desirable.

Detailed proposal posted in https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xliff/email/archives/201211/msg00091.html

TODO: Improve specification of the standard mandatory profiles. Specify in detail how sizes should be calculated for them.

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