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XLIFF 2.0 Feature Tracking

Features to be included in 2.0 are drafted and tracked using the XLIFF2.0/FeatureTracking page.

Last version of the deprecated XLIFF 2.0 Goals page available at http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/XLIFF2.0Goals?action=recall&rev=29

Process Goals

Content that is not yet migrated to tracking page

Should Have

Nice to Have

Potential Goals under consideration

The following ideas have been raised. They are potential goals that the TC will consider.

  1. Define a multi-lingual "Localisation Kit" format, which may include:
    • (XLIFF content + original source material+ all target language files+ skeleton files + reference files + some sort of manifest document describing/defining the payload.)
    • Could be part of XLIFF 1.2 adoption.
  2. Terminology Markup – (Has been suggested by Kara Warburton of IBM some time ago to support terminology markup such as translate (yes/no), subject-categorization, type, etc.) No additional information from Kara
  3. Suggestion for schema cleanup towards 2.0 (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-comment/200711/msg00004.html)

  4. Implementer FAQ Entry / Suggestion (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-comment/200711/msg00005.html)

Issues collected from xliff-comment list (categorized by TC as necessary for 1.2 errata, and 2.0 requirements)

The following ideas have been raised on the XLIFF Comment List. They have been considered to be worthy of noting in XLIFF 1.2 errata, but not substantive, as to cause delay in OASIS Ballot.

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