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Welcome to the XRI TC wiki. The XRI TC is currently in its third generation of specification development. The page is organized to provide quick access to the main active pages. Reference and archival page lists are included "below the fold".

Current Active Pages

XRD 1.0

This is the new standalone resource discovery spec that applies to both URIs and XRIs.

XRI 3.0

This spec will be packaged into the following parts. Each part has its own home page for status, links, and issues management. Each major open issue/proposal also has its own page.

Part 1: Syntax

Part 2: Resolution

Part 3: http: and https: Bindings

Part 4: info: Binding


XRI TC/W3C TAG Discussions

Reference Pages

Spec Excerpts

The following pages are copies of selected key portions of the XRI specifications to make them easy to find/load.


Archival Pages

The pages below are no longer active and are listed primarily for archival purposes.

XRI 2.0 Specification Suite -- Management & Development

XRI 2.0 Spec Suite Documentation (Non-Normative)

The TC plans to publish documentation for the XRI 2.0 suite of specifications as a whole. The following wiki pages are being used to manage these deliverables.

XRI Resolution 2.0

This is the final specification in the XRI 2.0 cycle. It is now at Committee Draft 03 status. Future work will be part of the XRI 3.0 cycle (see above).

The following pages are all archival.

XRI 2.1

The following pages were originally used to discuss a proposed XRI Syntax 2.1 specification. It was subsequently decided that this work should become XRI Syntax 3.0.

Outdated Pages The following pages remain listed for reference but have been superceded by the pages above.

XRI 3.0 Early Planning

The following proposals for XRI Syntax 3.0 were drafted in 2007 prior to the OASIS Standard vote on XRI 2.0, the W3C TAG discussions, and the XRI-as-relative-URI proposal (see links above). All of these are or have been refactored into new proposals for XRI 3.0.

XRI Dictionary

The status of this specification is currently undecided. The previous current working draft is XRI Metadata 2.0 Working Draft 09.


Notes on Wiki use for OASIS TC Members

Anyone, not just XRI TC members, may may search for page titles or text within pages using the search box at the top of any page.

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