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The current draft is:

Feedback/Revisions to Committee Draft O1

This section tracks potential revisions to XRD 1.0 Committee Draft 01 based on the feedback received since its publication.

Section 6 - XRDS (Added by Drummond on 2009-10-28)

The text needs to be revised to match the schema cardinality, i.e., needs to say "zero-or-more XRD elements" in an XRDS.

Various (Added by Eran via email to the list on 2009-11-09)


The following punchlist issues have been closed.

Name of XRD Sequence Element

Scott Cantor asked, "I used the name XRDS, but wondered if that was potentially confusing with the original XRDS? Should we use XRDSequence instead?"

Answer: we will keep the name XRDS.

Dewitt Clinton Feedback Issues

See his email at

Note that the priority issue has already been dealt with (see below). The other issues were discussed in Eran's emails on the list.

Drop Subject and Alias "match" Attribute?

Yes - no one has a compelling use case for a collection of subjects.

Host-Meta Subject

Host-meta XRDs will need to have some kind of URI representation, but that's an issue for the host-meta spec, not for the XRD spec.

XSD Schema Design

Empty Elements and Other Schema Processing Rules

Will will add a section at the start of the spec laying out general schema processing rules that apply to the XRD schema and all extensions.

Type Selection

From an 2009-08-20 email from Eran to the list:

As written today, the spec implies that linked XRDs are only used for finding other links, not for finding other <Type>s. This is wrong. We need to add a section about Type "selection" (not really selection but collection).

Will will add text in the XRD Linking section about this.

1.1 - Keywords in UPPERCASE?

We will use IEFT RFC keywords (MUST, MAY, SHOULD, etc.) in uppercase.

2.2.1 - XML:id Attribute

Clarify that it comes from another namespace.

2.2.1 and 2.4.1 - Signature and KeyInfo Elements

Clarify they are referenced because we are including their namespaces.

2.2.2 – Expires Element and Caching

Clarify that the Expires element is independent of transport-level cache semantics.

2.3.1 - Alias Element Definition

Add the same “match” attribute as Subject.

2.4.5 – Defining URI Template Variable Names

Defining our own for #see-also

State that we will inherit the URI template variable names defined in LRDD.

What to Do About Conflicts in Template Variable Names?


What do Do About Missing Template Variable Names?

Use an empty string.

3.2 – Linked XRD Documents

We will stay with:

5.1 – Terms for Conformance Targets

We will use XRD Provider and XRD Consumer.

New – XRDS Element Definition

We will add a definition of an XRDS wrapper element for use by specifications that need a chain of XRDs.

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