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This page documents the disposition of comments made during the public reviews of:

XRI Resolution 2.0 Committee Draft 02

List of Comments Received

  1. Eran Hammer-Lahav #1 (xrd:Type element)

  2. Eran Hammer-Lahav #2 (section 12.1 wording)

  3. Eran Hammer-Lahav #3 (calling out attributes in section 4)

  4. Paul Grosso, W3C (registration of "xri:" scheme)

  5. Noah Mendelsohn, W3C (question about roundtrips, question about HTTP content negotation, question about relative XRIs)

List of Revisions Due to Comments Received

Sections 4.2.1 – 4.2.6 (XRD Elements) (Comment #3)

Add an Attributes subhead to each element listing the attributes the element accepts as subbullets.

Section 4.2.1 Management Elements (Comment #1)

Add the following element:


0 or more per xrd:XRD element. A unique identifier of type xs:anyURI that identifies the type of this XRD. This element is provided to support extensibility as described in section 17.1.1. If no instances of this element are present, no XRD type is asserted, i.e., the type is defined by this specification. If one or more instances of this element are present, the XRD type requirements SHOULD be defined by an extension specification, which SHOULD be dereferenceable at the URI, IRI, or XRI used as the value of this element. In all cases XRD processors MAY ignore instances of this element and process the XRD as specified in this document.

Section 4.2.3 Synonym Elements (Comment #3)

Drop the "xrd:" prefix from "xrd:priority" (this was a typo).

Section 12.1 Cardinality (Comment #2)

For increased clarity, reword the two bullets to say:

Section 17.1.1 Extensibility of XRDs (Comment #1)

Add text explaining that the xrd:Type element MAY be used to indicate to specialized XRD processors that an XRD may or must conform to requirements of an extension specification.

Appendix B (Comment #1)

Add xrd:XRD/xrd:Type element.

Appendix C (Comment #1)

Add xrd:XRD/xrd:Type element.

Comments Discussed with OASIS Staff

On Comment #4 (Paul Grosso), the TC discussed with OASIS staff members Mary McRae and Jamie Clark that the TC had originally planned to register the "xri:" scheme when the XRI 2.0 suite was completed, which we anticipated was going to be not long after XRI Syntax 2.0 became a Committee Specification. OASIS staff at that time felt it would be best to apply to IANA once the XRI 2.0 suite was complete. None of us expected that subsequent revisions XRI Resolution 2.0 would continue for two years.

It has always been the intention of the XRI TC to register the "xri:" scheme with IANA once the XRI 2.0 specification work was complete at OASIS, and we will now work with OASIS staff to complete that step.

Responses Sent

On Comment #5 (Noah Mendelsohn, W3C), the TC sent a detailed response on 1 March 2008 and received back an acknowledgement that same day.

XRI Resolution 2.0 Committee Draft 03

List of Comments Received

  1. Douglas Nebert, FGDC Secretariat, 11 March 2008

Responses Sent

  1. Response to Douglas Nebert, 3 April 2008

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